Balance 6: The Head

Your head needs to sit up on top of your spine so that its considerable weight can travel down your spine through your body to your feet.

Hold your ear lobes and imagine a line running between your ears.

Go to the mid point of this line and down slightly.

Now gently nodding your head try to gain a sense of where your head meets your spine at the atlanto occipital joint (AO joint).

Turn your head gently left and right and feel how your head swivels on this point.

Gently move your head in all directions and try to sense the central point around which it swivels.

Aim to keep this point (the AO joint) up on top of your spine. Aim to release the neck so it is nice and long which in turn will cause your chin to drop slightly. Long in the back of the neck, chin tucked in a little.

You’ll feel a gentle energy up through your jaw and imagine your head floating up on top of your spine.

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