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  1. Thanks for showing us the contents of your book. Could you please also show a few example pages from the book?….. What is the cost of a downloadable copy of the book?

    • Hi Susan, the Fibonacci exercise under the ‘Exercises’ tab is an example of a page from the book. The sequential scale challenge and the finger busters are in the book but the layout is more appealing. At this point I am just offering hard copies of the book. They are available through amazon.com or if purchase from my website I will organise to ship it to you through my print on demand service. Thanks very much for your interest.

  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for the information. I would love to see a few scale pages to make sure that they have something unique about them. I have enough books with scales simply ascending and descending one, two, or three octaves.

    • Hi Susan, I think your comment about already having enough books with scales ascending and descending gets to the essence of what Supercharge is trying to bring to the practice and building of technique. The idea of the book is to avoid mindlessly running up and down scales but rather to look at a variety of different patterns and ways to build technique. Each exercise is a template that can be altered in range, articulation, tempo and of course key to provide a lot of different ways to work on that element. Under the exercises tab on this website are a couple of examples. A simple one such as the finger busters is great for newer players just getting going with their technique. It becomes more challenging once you play it in harmonic and melodic minor keys and extend the range. The Fibonacci Scale is a more challenging exercise that can easily be altered to make it easier or more difficult. There’s a simplified Fibonacci Scale in the book as well. There’s also the sequential scale challenge which I often use with my students and set them some keys for the week to be played with this pattern. I hope that gives you an idea of the ideas behind the book. Regards Peter

      • Hi Peter, Thanks for sharing more details about your book. It sounds like something I could use for myself and students so I ordered it from Amazon. 🙂 Best wishes, Susan, author “A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist” (second edition, May 2019).

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