Supercharge Your Flute Technique has plenty of creative, flexible, and adaptable exercises to build your technique. From Finger Busters for players starting out through to the very challenging Fibonacci Scales. Included is a chapter on Organising your practice and suggestions for Working on challenging passages. Supercharge has proven very useful for teaching online. Read the introduction, view the table of contents and see some sample exercises at

   (3) Flute – Supercharge Your Flute Technique
Composed by Peter Bartels
    Australian performer and pedagogue Bartels has created a technique book aimed at bridging the gap between materials for the beginner and advanced player and has done so in a creative and engaging manner. Consisting of seven chapters, he covers such topics as scales, arpeggios and broken chords, chromatics, and scales in thirds, but he does so with varying patterns like half scales, sequential scales, continuous arpeggio expansion, and by varying meters. By providing parts of the whole and ways to practice them, students then understand the patterns better and master the whole more fully. The final two chapters focus on working on difficult passages and how to organize practice. Bartels’s clear language, clever titles, copious musical examples, and effective strategies make this a book useful one for flutists of many ability levels. ( (D.B.S.)

Hi everyone, I’m happy to offer some free small group online sessions (Zoom) to anyone who has a copy of my book. If you’d like to be part of a small group to work through and discuss some of the material then contact me; Messenger, my website, phone, email. I’ll refine the arrangements once I see how many people are interested. It may be a teachers’ group or a students’ group. Of course, if I’m overwhelmed with requests I may need to limit what I can offer. Peter

I’m pleased to let you know that the 2nd print run of Supercharge Your Flute Technique has arrived. It’s a new spiral bound version that will sit nice and flat on your music stand.